How A Struggling Video Producer  Went From Making £1650 A Month, To Getting Booked Out Months In Advance With Dream Clients And Earning £32,520 A Month

Now you too can get booked solid, confidently raise prices and have people GLAD to pay it, work ONLY with great clients and finally have a video business which gives you the income and lifestyle you want.

I tried everything I could think of.

I Created a website with a showreel…

I joined  business networking groups and did lots of presentations on the importance of video…

I posted on my personal Facebook and Instagram profiles to stay ‘top of mind’ amongst my network (which was useless, because I had no real idea if my clients would be on Facebook)…

I asked clients if they knew any friends or colleagues who could use my help…

But no matter what I did, I struggled to fill up my calendar with clients.

What’s worse, even when I WAS able to get a client, I charged embarrassingly low rates (because I needed clients so badly) that I STILL barely made any money.

In fact, one month I added up all my invoices and found out that I had only made £1650!

Not only was I making little money whilst living in London - one of the most expensive cities in the world (fortunately, at least my wife had a good income) - I was also stressing out about my business all the time.

Soon enough, I started to doubt whether I had made the right choice to start a video production company, and wondered whether I would have to…

...Give Up On My Dreams And Go Get A Job.

It was during that time I was faced with a decision.

I could keep doing things the same way and doom my video dreams to failure…

OR I could decide to do whatever it took to make my video business successful.

And that’s what I did.

I got my hands on every business book I could…

I enrolled in £2,000 business courses…

I even joined a £25,000 a year business mastermind group so I could see what successful business owners were doing...

I learned about sales, positioning, pricing, marketing, business management and more...

I started to apply everything I learned to my video business.

And through a process of trial-and-error, I slowly started to turn around my business.

I overcame the ‘head trash’ which was stopping me from achieving what I wanted with my business…

I learned how to get the word out there about my services, land my DREAM clients and book myself SOLID…

I learned how to increase my rates and have people glad to pay my fee…

As a result, my income more than quadrupled in the space of a couple of years.

I went from an embarrassing £37,465  in the 2008-2009 financial year to £153,782 in the 2011-2012 financial year.

As I’ve gotten better at the ‘business’ side of things, my income has continued to increase.

In fact...

...In August 2016, I Made £32,520!

Now, while that’s a far cry from making me a millionaire, for someone who was only making £3-4000 a month less than 4 years earlier, it was HUGE.

What’s more, I did it working only 40 hours a week and only with clients who were willing to work on OUR terms.  

Plus I moved from the UK to Australia in the process so discovered this was not a fluke rather a system that could be repeated by anyone, anywhere. (so long as they had the right information)

For the first time in years, I haven’t been stressing about my business all the time...

So to celebrate, at the end of last year, I decided to book a holiday to see my brother in New Zealand  (I hadn't seen him in 5 years)

Here's us visiting the set of the Hobbit at Hobbiton  in Matamata, New Zealand

Filmmakers who knew me have been seeing my business’ transformation and have been asking what I’ve done.

And after dozens of conversations I started to realise that many filmmakers were struggling with the EXACT same issues which I had in business

So I wrote the book Business for Filmmakers and shared the steps for how to grow a six-figure video business. The book helped over 936 filmmakers grow more successful businesses... 

After repeated requests I started coaching a small group of filmmakers in my F8 Elite Coaching program. This is my high level private coaching program where I work 1-2-1 with filmmakers in their business and we see some incredible results. 

However this is a $13,500 per year program and I can only work with a very small number of video businesses per year. And many were keen to get more help but without the hefty price tag...

Here's How Chris Stanley one of my F8 Clients Turned What Would Have Been a $3k Shoot into $20,217 Repeat Customer...

Which is why I decided to share my BEST business tips in a monthly newsletter called:

The 6-Figure Filmmaker’s Inner Circle

This is an monthly  online training program  for filmmakers looking to build a thriving business which gives them the freedom to take holidays, spend time with family, work with dream clients, and earn a great income in the process. 

It's also a thriving support community and platform for sharing challenges and breakthroughs with other vide business owners.  Unlike generic business coaching the 'Inner-Circle' is only for video professionals.

Here’s just a snippet what you’ll discover in the 6-Figure Inner Circle:

Quick start module 1 - Developing A Winning Mindset

  • Common limiting beliefs which are holding you back from building a thriving video business and how to overcome them

  • How to be mentally prepared for any challenge you face in business. Let’s face it, you will face difficulties in business. The difference between successful business owners and those who struggle, lies in how they handle challenges. I’ll show you how to mentally prepare and overcome the challenges you’ll face

  • How to stay motivated so you can hit your goals as quickly as possible

Quick start module 2 - 6-Figure Business Foundations

  • How to build a business that gives you the income and lifestyle YOU want

  • The essential numbers you need to know in your business

  • How to identify and stay focused on the activities which are the highest value to you and your business

  • Video business essentials (legal, insurance, etc.) - the boring, but important and often overlooked areas you need to make sure you have covered

Quick start module 3 - Pricing Your Services

  • How to price your services so you remain attractive but highly profitable

  • How to create value packages which clients LOVE

  • If, when and how to run discounts without actually giving anything away in hard costs

Quick start module 4 - Positioning Your Services

  • How to stand out from all the other video companies out there

  • How to command premium prices for your services (and have clients gladly pay)

  • What high quality, high-paying clients look for (once you know this, you’ll know how to attract them)

  • How to avoid nightmare clients - red flags to look out for, and how to repel them from your business in the first place

Bonus 2 - How to get clients using LinkedIn

  • How to ensure your profile is not hindering your reach

  • Where to find the decision makers

  • How to identify and get connected with the most important  decision maker in any company

  • What to say when connecting with people you don't know that has them accepting your request

  • How to keep them connected so you can get them to take your call

Bonus 1 - The Marketing Toolbox

  • How to ensure your website is optimised for leads
  • The 3 basics for rocking Social Media 
  • Why email done right is still the highest converting 'social media' channel
  • How to ensure there is continuity across your online profile

Bonus 3 - Monthly Group Coaching Calls


Get personalised attention on our Monthly group coaching calls. If you have any questions with the material or just want some guidance on your individual questions, you can jump on and I’ll answer them straight away for you.

If you are tired of 'going it alone' are fed up slogging it out 80-100 hrs per week working evenings and weekends to just keep your head above water and are sick of not  having enough high paying clients...

 Then I invite you to join me and a supportive group of serious video business owners who want to  create the business that delivers you the lifestyle and security you want for you and your family.

You don’t have to spend £30,000+ and 8 years struggling and experimenting like I did at business courses that don't understand our industry.


You won’t even need to pay £5,000 like what what most business coaching programs cost.


Not even close.


You will  get access to the tools, strategies and processes used to setup my business and went from earning a few hundred pounds a month to earning £35,250 a month, only working 40 hours a week with dream clients - for only $147/month

I'm So Confident You'll Love It That You Can Try The First  Month for Just $1

You can get started right away, start landing great clients and quickly make your small investment back in spades.

BUT you have to hurry.

Since I only have so much time in the week outside my F8 Elite Coaching Business, I want to make sure I give people who enrol in the program, the attention they need.

Which is why there will only be 7 spots available until Friday March  9 th

Then the monthly price will be increasing to $197/m  on Monday March 12th with no exceptions made. 

(Buy if you join for the $1, 30-day trial before that date you're rate of $147/m will never increase.)  


So if (and only if) you are ready and serious to transform your business radically into one which gives you the income, the lifestyle and helps you make the impact which you know you can - join us in  the 6-Figure Inner Circle  now before the price increases:

Here's What's Included in Your Membership Each Month:

A 12 -page monthly print newsletter through your door.

It goes to print on the first of every month, and lands on doormats about one week later. 

Each month is dedicated to a single theme, and I leave no stone unturned to give you the very best of the best on everything we’re looking at.

I also give you 7 action points to take away in each issue and implement in your business. Think of this as the 'business' metronome for your business keeping you on track.

Access to the 6-Figure  Filmmaker's Inner Circle Members’ Area

This is where you’re bouncing ideas off your fellow Members and, of course, me, personally. 

This is where I also add heaps of supplementary videos, recordings and other goodies to help you with your marketing, sales, production and clients and other entrepreneurial headaches.

Access to a Private members Facebook Group 

Where you can collaborate and share your experiences with the members from around the world, and develop projects together.

We've had many members comment that this group alone is one of the most valuable aspects of the membership.

 Unlike many filmmaking 'Facebook Groups' that are full of 'gear talk' The 6-Figure Filmmaker's Inner Circle is focussed on solving the challenges around how to 'grow your business' 

Unless you’re on my Private Clients’ List or in F8 Elite, this is the only way you’re able to ask me direct questions  and get a full and frank answer. 

Join Today for Just $1 

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Then after 30 day trial $197 per month (USD)  

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But don't take my word for any of this. 

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Then after 30 day trial $197 per month (USD)  

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Thanks to your critique I implemented this in my quote. For the first time in my business career ( plus 10 years ) I quoted both preproduction, production, post production and CDN making it very easy for the client to understand what is going into their film. I have also created a PDF where I break down what those processes entail, which I will attach to all my quotes from now on.

A year ago I would have quoted this particular job at about £5000GBP but decided to follow your advice although scary as it was. The job was accepted by the client at £17000 GBP.

Now, they are working on the last financing bit, but since my quote to them has been broken down, we could quickly tell them that all the shooting will be done and we will be well into the post production bit as they work out the last finances.

I was being honest and straight with them and that has worked really well. I have tried to be very concise and I think I struck them as professional because they feel they are involved in the process which is always my goal.

Svein-Rune Skilnand~Tjørhom, Norway

The Inner Circle has proved to be extremely beneficial to my business. 

Den has the knack of pre-empting the business problems I am thinking about and has provided practical solutions to these issues through the multiple resources made available through the Inner Circle. 

Whether the newsletter, quick start video, seminar playback or the attention to detail on individual problems, he continues to be the only person in this industry who has the filmmaker experience and business know-how to help others too - a tax deductible bargain too!

Louise Mendonca,  Redspot Films

I value how to get more confidence and build a solid foundation for a successful business. The overall relationship between positioning your business and client relationship.

Franck A. Onouviet, Ivry-sur-Seine, France

That you exist for the sole purpose of helping filmmakers with the business side only is a welcomed singularity and also in your ability to zero in on the absolute truth,  with razor-like precision, on any particular problem (even when the apparent issue is clouding or hiding the real problem) and then to be able to offer guidance and solutions is a skill set and reasons alone to be a member.

Richard Roepnack, NYC

Join Today for Just $1 

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Then after 30 day trial $197 per month (USD)  

[no contract, no tie in, cancel at anytime]

Den's Inner Circle is a real community of video business people, something unique in this area. Where most other sites/courses/groups focus on the creative side (which is great), Den helps us all improve on the business side of things through his marketing advice and strategies, as well as providing essential feedback on our implementation of his advice!

Tim Arch, Melbourne Australia

With Den's help you get clear no BS practical advice on the best way to move your business forward. From this you can build a strategy on how best to grow your business and the added community of like-minded filmmakers is hugely beneficial.

Adam Walker-Watkins, London, UK

Being in the Inner Circle has helped focus my mind on adopting some key business strategies, and has re-energized my ambition to grow my company in a more strategic direction.

Pete Ballinger,  Clean-cut-sports, UK

Click the Button to Join Us in The Inner Circle for just $1 

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Then after 30 day trial  $197 per month  (USD) 

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Live Monthly Group Video Coaching

This is where you get personalised attention on our Monthly group coaching calls. 

We explore a different set of challenges each month helping you to gain more confidence around pricing, client liaison and how to deal with difficult situations.

If you have any questions with the material or just want some guidance on your individual questions, you can jump on and I’ll answer them straight away for you.

Plus we record them in case you can't make it live so you won't miss anything if you are on a shoot

Resource Library of Training Webinars

Whether you want to improve your productivity skills or learn about Facebook advertising there's a library of material to watch and learn from.  

Trainings include:

  • How to identify your ideal client so you can appeal to them and engage them in a meaningful conversation so you can win more high paying gigs.
  • How to manage your time effectively, plus an easy hack to avoid distraction so you become more productive and don't end up working 80-100 hrs per week being busy...  
  • 3 key strategies to get the highest return from Social media and what not to do.
  • How to plan your day, week and year so you get more done with less stress and fewer headaches.
  • How to use LinkedIn to target anyone in any organisation and begin a personalised and meaningful relationship that leads to business.
  • Develop a winning mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs that are likely holding you back from achieving your full potential.
  • And much, much, more....

Library of Quick Start Video Tutorials

Concise, easy to follow and quick to implement strategies to help you get more clients quickly. 

Trainings include:

  • How to set up your website to capture more visitor details that enable you to follow up automatically and reduce website bounce rate.
  • How to itemise budgets and quotes to increase profit margin on jobs by 20-30% instantly.
  • Attracting your ideal client and how to position yourself as their trusted partner.
  • How to use email to nurture prospects on autopilot. Write it once, set and forget.
  • A guide to ensuring you have continuity across your social media channels so your message is clear.

The Inner-Circle is a monthly business support community that will help you confidently raise your prices, attract better quality clients and discover how to position yourself as an authority in your market. 


I share strategic advice on what you should be doing in your business each month to help you work more effectively and how to develop a confident winning mindset.

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Dear Fellow Filmmaker,

If you want to take home an extra £10,000... £20,000... even £30,000+ this year as a filmmaker WITHOUT sacrificing your lifestyle AND only work with dream clients - then this could be the most important things you read all year.

Let me explain.

My name is Den Lennie.

About 8 years ago I was a struggling freelance corporate video producer in London. 

Despite having great shooting and production skills, 

I struggled to get clients for my corporate video business.

01 days 23 hrs 00 mins 00 secs

Offer closing in ...